Remember To Thank God For Jesus

Some things are too important to forget!




We are a ministry involved in getting Christians to use a unique service mark logo in a visible way.  These products are powerful witnessing tools that work on the emotional, as well as the intellectual level of any person.  The logo will start a conversation that will give a person an opportunity to share their faith in the Lord Jesus the Christ.



" Born From a Passion to Serve" .

Pastor Johnny Lewis and his wife, Dr. Harriett Lewis, wanted to spread the gospel of the Lord by touching the lives of people around them.  As a dedicated member of the Kingdom Agenda Ministries, they started this venture as a means to achieve this.


We Are...




Help make a difference by purchasing any of our products.  Trough our pieces, we help others experience the joy and freedom of knowing Jesus Christ, as well as all the sacrifices He made for our sins.  These items serve as reminder of how much we appreciate God in everything we do.  This is our way of desensitizing your attention from other things so that you become a devoted follower of our creator.




Motivate yourself and others while wearing these accessories, t-shirt or displaying the decal.  We carry a wide variety of items that help people recognize and acknowledge God’s presence whenever they see it.




The beauty of our products is that they can be worn with any outfit while spreading the word of God. One such example is our Laminated Charm which is one of our more popular products.

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