Your stories: thanking God for Jesus!

"When I wear my “Remember to Thank God for Jesus” tee shirts or bracelets, my motive is to advertise Christ. I remember a few weeks ago, while getting dressed one Friday, I had a thought that I decided to use as a post on Facebook that said “If you want a return on your investment, why not advertise for the One that truly loves and cares for you? I see it as a way of lifting the Savior up so that He can draw men unto Himself. I have a decal in the back window of my car and on the front license plate. I don’t mind people knowing who’s side I’m on. Reverend Johnny Lewis says that it is a way of witnessing when we’re not present.  I love the idea of knowing that even my car can be used as a tool to minister and I love these products." - V. Wynn-Pruitt



"I purchased the bracelet in 4 colors.  It reminds me to be thankful to the one who provides for me on a daily basis.  It also reminds me to thank Him for the salvation of my soul." – C. Petty



"I enjoy wearing my bracelet and receiving the complements.  It lifts my spirit when I am down.  It reminds me of whose I am and how thankful I should be for God’s grace and mercy. That’s when my sorrows turn into JOY." – L. Jones



"Placing the car tag on my vehicle lets everyone know I am thankful each day.  Others wanted to know where they could get such a tag.   Great witnessing tool!  Great reminder of our Saviour love." - E. Jones



"I wear my T-shirt and earrings shopping, when I have medical appointments, even out to dinner at times, I hear lots of “I like your shirt” or “That’s a true saying.”  It’s an excellent conversation starter." – J. W. Moore



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